Disgusting Fundie Actions Against a Man of Deep Faith and the Bible

by Charles S. Oaxpatu

As I have noted on numerous occasions, Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are full of sinful pride and arrogance in their beliefs. Just like Tigger in the Winnie-the-Pooh books, they are God’s ONLY ONES.  In their honest view, all nonfundie churches and nonfundie people around the world are driving recklessly down the highway to Hell and a certain eternity in a Lake of Fire where their indestructible spiritual bodies will forever experience the exquisite pain of fire-burned flesh—and never be able to rest from it or die. If you are United Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Moderate Baptist, Quaker, Congregationalist,  United Church of Christ, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Unitarian Universalist—the list goes on and on in a world with 44,000 different Christian denominations—then the Lake of Fire is your future home.

Why is this their fate?  It is because they do not believe in a thing called  right doctrine, as arrogantly defined by the fundies for themselves—and they think—for the whole world. You see.  When it comes to the Christian faith, the 30 or so members down at the Possum Holler Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) church know everything—and you know nothing. They know everything, and the Professors of Divinity at Oxford University, Harvard University, Duke University, and at all of the other great universities around the world know nothing. All of these professors and the other “so-called Christians” in America are apostates who exist in perpetual darkness, and they are the enemies of a persistently angry and vengeance-seeking fundie God. The only true light in Jesus Christ comes solely from Pastor Homer “Ho-Ho” Hokum down yonder in Possum Holler and his personal, inerrant, and simplistic reading of the Bible (preferably the 1611 Authorized King James Version).

This sinful fundie pride and arrogance are as wide and deep as the oceans—so much so that many fundie preachers, evangelists, and teachers put on an almost God-like persona in the eyes of the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical masses who follow them. What happens when one of those god-like entities reaches out for a real, deeper, and more mature connection with Jesus Christ, his love, and his teachings—and they go outside the rigid lines of fundie right doctrine to do it?

Please read the newspaper article below, which I regard as a must read, to see what happened to one devout Christian man. See the cruelty that was heaped upon him, even after he came down with a rare form of cancer and was fighting off multiple tumors in various parts of his body.  I want you to take this very seriously because some version of this is what can happen to you and your family if you ever join a Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical church in the United States. Please click on the following safe link to read the story:

A Prime Example of Fundie Cruelty

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