The President Has Peaches!!!

In recent days various news media sources have indirectly informed me that President Trump has peaches. Where are they? Well, best I can figure out, they must be somewhere inside his body.  I have no idea where inside his body.

Something related to these peaches has President Trump really rattled these days—causing him a whole lot of pain. Many Americans are begging the U.S. Senate to have mercy on Mr. Trump and take those peaches out of his body.  These Americans want the senators to impeach the President. You heard that right.  They want those peaches to come out of the President, and impeachment is the only way.

The folks at the Common Dreams news service have even kicked in and made the sign below to support this cause, which will put Mr. Trump out of his misery and help the American people too.  I plan to copy it to Microsoft Word, paste it onto a landscape page, print it out, and tape it into the back window of my Honda Odyssey van so the whole world can see it. Who would have thought that fear of a few peaches would cause so much scandal and trouble?  Here is the sign:

Impeach Trump

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