Watch Vicky Beeching Deep-Six a Modern Fundie Pharisee

I had lived long and seen many things. One of those things was not Vicky Beeching.  Until just a few days ago, I had never heard of her.  This is probably because I do not waste my time listening to the mostly horrible-quality music played on local Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical radio stations here in the American South. It grates on my ears like banging together metal garbage can lids.  Give me a good, traditional, Jesus-honoring church hymn instead.

From an on-line friend, I learned that Vicky Beeching is a famous Christian musician who makes good quality music and lived 8 years doing it in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. I further learned that Ms. Vicky is a famous television and radio news personality and a famous Christian media personality around the world, a highly talented motivational speaker; and a highly gifted theologian trained at Oxford University and Durham University in the United Kingdom. In addition, I learned that in 2014 she emerged from the LGBTQ closet and announced she had been gay since age 13—and she still is.

As you might imagine, this public announcement gave Fundieland an instant widow-maker heart attack.  What was the gravity of it?  Well, from what I have read, it was as if Billy Graham had announced that he had been a practicing gay person since age 13—and Ruth condoned it.  Can you imagine that?  Fundieland was stricken with sudden paralytic shock that has still not worn off.  This seemed very interesting to me, so I have begun to study up on her life and career. Ms. Beeching has been  working on a Ph.D. in theology at Durham University, and she is using her worldwide fame, extensive theological education, and her powerful oral and written communication skills to advocate for gay Christians, who are now being discriminated against and persecuted by the fundies here in the United States.

I would like you to watch Vicky Beeching as she deep sixes a famous fundie pharisee in the short video below. If you want to know more about this pharisee, you may read about him HERE in an article published by Mother Jones. You can judge for yourself whether he is lying in the video about being the father of the death penalty (not now in effect) for being gay in Uganda and the other new draconian anti-gay laws that are in effect under the Ugandan legal system.  As you will see, this guy is a real “sweetheart.” In addition, I would like you to watch his body language as Ms. Vicky eats him alive. In my opinion, it screams:  “How dare you talk to a Christian man this way—submit woman.”  This is fun—give it a watch by clicking on the following safe link:

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