Nonfundie Christians: Why Do You Remain So Silent?

I have an important question today for all of my readers who are not Christian fundamentalists or conservative evangelicals. For the last 100 years and even today, why do you personally (and your nonfundie church) roll over, play dead, and remain silent in the face of the Bible-distorting, unChrist-like, outrageous, politics-pandering, and hateful Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical preachings and behaviors that we all see and hear about each day here in the United States.  Please read the following short article, which explains what I mean in depth and asks the same question.

Why Do You Remain Silent?

Afterwards, please write to the e-mail address shown below and explain to me in your own words why you remain silent. If you know, tell me why your nonfundie church and its head minister remains silent.

There is only one answer to this question that I will not accept because it is a copout:

I am just one little person and my voice is so small—so what difference could I make?”

If Jesus and his disciples had taken that attitude, the Christian faith would not even exist today.  This question is not a set-up for a beating.  I really would kindly and gently like to know what you have to say on this.  Here is the e-mail address to send your response to:

Note: This post is addressed specifically and only to people who are not Christian fundamentalists or conservative evangelicals. Any unsolicited fundie response will be deleted without its being read.

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