A Meaty Synoptic History of Christian Fundamentalism in the United States

For all of my readers who do not have significant historical information on Christian fundamentalism, conservative evangelicalism, and how the fundie belief system, its weird behaviors, and its famous mean-spiritedness developed over time, we have a treat for you.  It will make you an instant genius in at least one aspect of church history.  It is a new, 4-phase history of the development of Christian fundamentalism in the United States.  It is written by conservative Christian Justin Taylor (Ph.D.).  It is even safe for you fundies to read because it was written by one of your own—a fundie insider who is still a faithful fundie insider.

I have read over this new article.  It is excellent—with a lot of meat on its bones. Moreover, I suspect that the average fundie sitting in his or her pew at a Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical church knows very little to nothing of this history because it is the kind of historical information churches in general rarely ever teach to the members of their own congregations—if at all.

Just click on the following safe link and have fun reading this—and read it slowly for full comprehension:

The Four Phases of Protestant Fundamentalism in America

If you do not understand Christian fundamentalism in the United States after reading this, you are either brain dead or…well….brain dead.  If a fundie has ever mistreated you, abused you, or interacted with you in a mean-spirited, know-it-all, and belligerent way, be on the lookout for the word “militant” in this historical essay.  You will gain some historical understanding of what made your fundie abuser so abusive.

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