Fundie Leaders Have Direct Day and Night Access to Donald Trump

A lot of different things have happened along multiple pathways since the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Some of these things are important, but they have received little press coverage. One pathway that should bear more public scrutiny is the ever-growing coziness between extremist fundie leaders and President Trump.

It has now been revealed that fundie leaders like James Dobson have direct, day-and-night access to President Trump by telephone. No! It is not White House switchboard access filtered by a government telephone operator, an executive secretary, or a high-level official—far from it.  If some idea or concern trots through the mind of a fundie leader at 3:00 a.m., all he has to do is direct-dial Trump’s cell phone number, and the big guy answers for a nice chat. Think about that for a moment (my emphasis):

The leaders of Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical extremism in the United States now have the exact same access to the President of the United States by telephone that your own children have to you.

It is my understanding that this kind of access by fundie leaders is unprecedented in American history. Even the Reverend Billy Graham, who was once a close spiritual advisor to President Nixon, had only filtered access to the President. This and other disturbing revelations are laid out in a recent news article that summarizes the Trump-Fundie Coziness Pathway that has developed since Inauguration Day. You may read it at the following safe link:

Trump and Fundie Extremist Leaders Cozy Up

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