A Real Christian Woman Makes Her Stand

The recent blog post below was written by a Christian friend of mine—a very deep and devoted Christian who knows both the Christian faith and her Bible very well. I have to honestly say that I agree with nearly all the items on the list in her article. For all you Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals out there who know your Bibles so poorly that you require proof text verses before you can understand or believe anything, I could give you one or more supporting scripture verses for just about everything on Gloriamarie’s list. For example, for No. 8 and No. 9, the following verses of scripture are especially relevant because indiscriminate dumping of hazardous waste and toxic substances into our groundwater aquifers,  streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans threatens both human life and the ecosystems, animals, and plants we depend upon for our drinking water and food:

Thou shalt not kill (Exodus 20:13)

The nations were enraged, and Your wrath has come. The time has come to judge the dead, and to reward Your servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear Your name, both small and great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth. (Revelation 11:18)

The Earth is God’s creation, and He declared it to be good.  Those Christians who would despoil the good and life-sustaining Earth that God has created—and turn his garden into a sewer that breeds sickness and death—are walking on the wrong side of the two scriptures above.

But more importantly—more importantly above all other scriptures—the evil actions addressed in the list below are in direct violation of several major scripture verses—uttered from the mouth of Jesus himself. These are the verses Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and the so-called Religious Right are famous for refusing to hear and take seriously. As a matter of both thought and action, these groups run from the following scriptures like a vampire runs from the Cross of Jesus, strings of garlic, and the rising sun. Read them and weep:

Jesus declared, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets depend on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22:37-40)

Please read Gloriamarie’s article below carefully and think about it. In addition, please note that I edited it slightly for minor typos, grammar, and punctuation (not content), and I reformatted it into a numbered list for spacing purposes and readability. The number sequence is not indicative of any priorities for the items listed.

This Is Where I Stand


Gloriamarie Amalfitano

This is where I stand. To me, Facebook is a useful vehicle for my passion and activism. Our 45th President, his power hungry cronies taking positions of authority in his Cabinet and Administration, and the majority of Republicans in Congress are a real and active threat to me, my way of life, and all the people I love. Some people are saying that we should give Trump a chance, that we should “work together” with him because he won the election and he is “everyone’s president.” This is my response:

(1)  I will not forget how badly he and so many others treated former President Barack Obama for 8 years…

(2)  I will not “work together” to privatize Medicare, cut Social Security and Medicaid.

(3)  I will not “work together” to build a wall.

(4)  I will not “work together” to persecute Muslims.

(5)  I will not “work together” to shut out refugees from other countries.

(6)  I will not “work together” to lower taxes on the 1 percent and increase taxes on the middle class and poor.

(7)  I will not “work together” to help Trump use the Presidency to line his pockets and those of his family and cronies.

(8)  I will not “work together” to weaken and demolish environmental protection.

(9)  I will not “work together” to sell American lands, especially National Parks, to companies which then despoil those lands.

(10)  I will not “work together” to enable the killing of whole species of animals just because they are predators, or inconvenient for a few, or because some people want to get their thrills killing them.

(11)   I will not “work together” to remove civil rights from anyone.

(12)  I will not “work together” to alienate countries that have been our allies for as long as I have been alive.

(13)  I will not “work together” to slash funding for education.

(14)  I will not “work together” to take basic assistance from people who are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

(15)  I will not “work together” to get rid of common sense regulations on guns.

(16)  I will not “work together” to eliminate the minimum wage.

(17)  I will not “work together” to support so-called “Right To Work” laws, or undermine, weaken or destroy Unions in any way.

(18)  I will not “work together” to suppress scientific research, be it on climate change, fracking, or any other issue where a majority of scientists agree that Trump and his supporters are wrong on the facts.

(19)  I will not “work together” to criminalize abortion or restrict health care for women.

(20) I will not “work together” to increase the number of nations that have nuclear weapons.

(21)  I will not “work together” to put even more “big money” into politics.

(22)  I will not “work together” to violate the Geneva Convention.

(23) I will not “work together” to give the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi Party, and white supremacists a seat at the table, or to normalize their hatred.

(24)  I will not “work together” to deny health care to people who need it.

(25) I will not “work together” to deny medical coverage to people on the basis of a “pre-existing conditions.”

(26)  I will not “work together” to increase voter suppression.

(27)  I will not “work together” to normalize tyranny.

(28) I will not “work together” to eliminate or reduce ethical oversight at any level of government.

(29)  I will not “work together” with anyone who is, or admires, tyrants and dictators.

(30)  I will not support anyone that thinks it’s OK to put a pipeline to transport oil on Sacred Ground for Native Americans. And, it would run under the Missouri River, which provides drinking water for millions of people. An accident waiting to happen.

This is my line, and I am drawing it:

(A) I will stand for honesty, love, respect for all living beings, and for the beating heart that is the center of Life itself.

(B)  I will use my voice and my hands, to reach out to the uninformed, and to anyone who will LISTEN:

That “winning,” “being great again,” “rich,” or even “beautiful” is nothing… When others are sacrificed to glorify its existence.

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