A Message to Our Reader Who…

This is a specific message sent to one of my readers—so whoever you are—please read this message closely. Nearly every day for a very long time now, you have been coming here to the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog to read our post about The Adkisson Manifesto  at the following safe link:

The Adkisson Manifesto

I am far more than just a little concerned about your apparent deep fascination with this hate document on an almost daily basis.  You appear to be treating it as some sort of fetish  or little precious by coming here to read it nearly every day.  The Adkisson Manifesto  is a fairly short document, and given your large number of visits here, I would think that you could have memorized it by now—or at least made yourself a personal copy so you would not have to visit this blog post so many times.  Your number of visits here is more than just a little strange, and I am deeply concerned that you may be using our blog post on The Adkisson Manifesto as a daily motivational tool to work up your own personal courage to commit mass murder against people you consider to be your own hated liberals—just as Jim David Adkisson did about 8 years ago.

So, here is my key message to you.  I am giving you one chance, and one chance only, to get in contact with me at the below e-mail address; truthfully identify yourself by your real name; tell me about your frequent visits to this post on The Adkisson Manifesto; and state why you are making so many visits on an almost daily basis. You may contact me at tcbkjbbrown@comcast.net.

If I do not hear from you in 24 hours and you do not identify yourself along with a really good and believable explanation, I shall be reporting your really strange, highly suspicious, and fetish-like behavior with regard to this post about The Adkisson Manifesto to my local Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field office. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has asked all American citizens to report to law enforcement any observed sights and odd behaviors that could be indicative of a potential foreign or domestic terrorist attack or be indicative of a mentally unhinged person like Jim David Adkisson who might commit such crimes. No matter who you are, where you are located, or how anonymous you wish to be, I can assure you that the FBI has the means to very quickly identify your computer IP address through WordPress; identify who you are by name, and send FBI agents directly to your front door to have a little talk with you.

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