Fundie Beloved Targets Life Savings of Old People


Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are pleased as punch now that their man (Donald Trump) has been elected President of the United States. Jerry Falwell, Jr. calls his cabinet appointments and other appointments the dream team.  Yes indeed.  In their minds and hearts, God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit finally have their own Heaven-anointed men and women in place to do the real work of Jesus in this world. Here is just one way the anointed ones plan to start showing the will of God and the love of Jesus to American senior citizens on Medicare and Medicaid. If you are a senior citizen, you need to give this article a close read because it could mean the rapid end of your entire life savings:

The Plot to Devour Retiree Nest Eggs

I want to ask my readers just one question.  Does this plot sound like something Jesus of Nazareth, the healer and champion of the poor, hungry, and sick, would do to old people when they have little income and declining health?  I know what my answer is.  This is the work of Satan—and those Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals who voted for Trump have just put their stamp of approval on this unconscionable coming attack on old people with declining health.

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