Fellow Christians: Something to Think about Before You Vote

This may be my last post before the 2016 election on Tuesday.  I am not going to tell you who to vote for, nor am I going to endorse any particular candidate for a particular office. You will have to weigh matters on your own balance scales, pray some prayers, and make that decision yourself.  You are big boys and girls now, and you should know how to do that on your own.

All I am going to provide for you is a general principle to factor into your voting decision. That principle is shown in the above graphic, and it is rooted in the words and deeds of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.  I like to bring this graphic out at election time because a lot of people do not stop and think about this principle when they are making decisions about the various candidates. Good luck on election day.  We hope you will have a nice one.

In addition, if you see anyone, Democrat, Republican, or Independent, violating election laws; trying to illegally  intimidate voters; or trying to prevent registered voters from voting because of their age, race, ethnic identity, gender identity, etc., please call the police immediately and demand their arrest. As a registered voter, your right to vote is one of the most precious rights you have as an American citizen.  No matter who you are voting for, as long as you are doing it legally, no one has a right to intimidate you or prevent you from voting.  If you are a registered voter and someone tries to intimidate you or prevent you from voting, dig your heels deeply into the concrete; stay put right where you are; and wait for the police to arrive and investigate the matter.  Stand by and vote when you are cleared to do so.

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