Hillary Clinton Got my Vote

Hi everyone.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may be remembered by future Americans as the two worst candidates for President of the United States in American history.  Memo to the RNC and DNC:

Are you people nuts?  Do not ever do this to the American people again!  Do you hear me?  You can do better than this.  Give us some fine, decent, upstanding candidates next time, or you may wake up one morning and find that we have all immigrated back to Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Siberia.  What if the RNC and DNC participated in a national election—and no one came out to vote because all the voters had left the country in disgust?

Early voting ended in Tennessee on Friday.  I voted for Hillary Clinton.  Here are the three big reasons for throwing my vote her way:

(1)  At the age of 9, I lived through the terror generated  by the Cuban Missile Crisis.  This crisis occurred in October 1962. A Soviet madman named Khrushchev parked 60 MRBMs with nuclear warheads just 90 miles from Key West, Florida. They had the capacity to kill 80,000,000 Americans within just five minutes after launch.  If you are less than 60 years old, you have no personal memory of the day the world almost ended—but I do. I stood before my mom and dad the morning the naval quarantine of Cuba began and watched my mom hug my dad goodbye before he went off to work. That hug said:  “We may never see each other again after today.”  The U.S. Navy quarantine began at 10:00 a.m. that morning—the time for stopping the first Soviet ship on the high seas.  You may review the crisis by watching the following video:

Most of us (you and me) are alive today because President John F. Kennedy, his brother Bobby Kennedy, and their staff members successfully navigated a highly complex and nuanced diplomatic minefield surrounding this crisis.

Donald Trump appears to have a narcissistic personality disorder that renders him mentally and emotionally unstable. In my opinion, Donald Trump’s temperament and penchant for snap decisions would have had us in World War III in the first inning of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The United States is on another collision course with Russia right now, and our next President may face the same kind of confrontation we had with the Russians in 1962. Hillary Clinton has the knowledge, experience, and temperament necessary to properly handle such a crisis.  In my opinion, Donald Trump does not, and he would quickly plunge us into World War III.

(2)  Hillary Clinton and a U.S. Senate controlled by Democrats shall stack the U.S. Supreme Court with progressive justices who will render (for the next 50 years) the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals unable to overthrow James Madison’s original American government (the one we have now) and replace it with their long-sought-after Christian reconstructionist/dominionist theocracy. The last thing the United States of America needs is an actual or de facto fundie government under the control of a uniquely American version of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, or ISIS. Religious tyranny by such extremists is indeed possible in this country, and we must ensure that nothing like a theocracy takes root in our soil. My uncle Malcolm had a favorite saying that reflected his own attitude toward his adversaries:

I would not give them a blade of grass if they were a starving goat grazing on a concrete pasture.

The best way to keep Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical tyranny at bay is to ensure that their goats are always grazing on a concrete pasture—and that they will never be fed even one blade of grass.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was designed to protect religious freedom for all Americans and to ensure that our nation never becomes a theocracy. Since about 1970, Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals have been working hard day and night to ensure that their sick version of religious freedom is the sole right of fundies in a Christian nation run of the fundies, by the fundies, and for the fundies—and screw all nonfundie American citizens—who are by fundie definition enemies of God. Hillary Clinton will ensure true, traditional American religious freedom for all of our citizens.

(3) Hillary Clinton has longstanding knowledge and experience as a government official working with both domestic and foreign affairs.  Donald Trump has no such experience in government. Even worse, some news media reports during this campaign season have indicated that Trump has resisted learning in-depth information on how our government operates and learning in-depth information about foreign affairs. Apparently, Trump is not bookish and does not like to study up.  It is one thing to enter American government with gaps in one’s knowledge and experience.  Refusing to learn what one must know to fill those gaps and operate competently as President of the United States is unacceptable in any candidate. I cannot support a candidate who has that kind of attitude toward learning the ropes of his next job.

Let’s close with a couple of modern day hymns.  Based on the account of his life in the New Testament, Jesus would probably like these two songs:

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