Fundie Minister Explains Why She Is for Trump

This election season has been truly crazy and is going to get crazier over the next four weeks.  Many questions have arisen during this election cycle. One of the questions Christians and nonChristians ask most often is as follows:

How can Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals vote for a man like Donald Trump when they know the highly immoral and sinful life he has led—a life lived with almost complete disregard for God’s laws in The Holy Bible?

A person who asks this question might not get an answer at all from the fundie community.  If one does get an answer, it often seems half-baked or downright puzzling.

My friend Bruce Gerencser, once a fundie pastor and now an atheist, ran into an answer to this question from a still-practicing fundie leader (Ms. Wanda Alger—a charismatic, five-fold prophetic minister at Dove Christian Fellowship International). Bruce incorporated her answer into one of the posts on his blog.  Notice the ludicrous cartoon and hold on to your hats as you read the fundie answer.  You may do so by clicking on the following safe link:

Carnal Trump vs. Demonic Clinton

Does your head hurt?  Are your eyes crossed?

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