The Specific Reasons Fundies Hate Hillary Clinton So Much

The Washington Post has a new article that delves deeply into the reasons Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals hate Hillary Clinton so much. Here is a money quote from the article:

When probed in 1992 during her husband’s presidential run about the relationship between her husband’s job as governor of Arkansas and her own career as a lawyer, Clinton gave an answer that for many evangelicals lives in infamy. “I suppose I could have stayed home, baked cookies and had teas,” Clinton fired back to reporters. Many evangelicals, who even now believe that women should be stay-at-home mothers, were aghast. “Her sneering comment sent a not-too-subtle message out that ‘I am woman, watch me roar…”

Here at the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog, we love women who roar. We love women who go out into the American workplace and use the brains God gave them to make important and valuable contributions to our society and culture. We also love women who are in positions of power over men. We love women who teach the gospel to men, women, and children. We love women pastors.  We value women for far more than just child care, cooking, cleaning—and their “pussies,” as Donald Trump would say.

Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism have turned many wonderful, talented women into little more than home-bound breeding cows over the past 100 years. Let’s face it folks. A little more than half of the American population can only be religiously oppressed for so long–and then the bottom is going to drop out. We think the willful fundie oppression and debasement of women in the name of Jesus is the real sin, and it is just one more reason why Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism are both doomed to the ash heap of American history.

You may read this very enlightening article in The Washington Post at the following safe link:

Why Fundies Hate Hillary

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