Killing All the Right People

In the 1980s, when the HIV virus and AIDs arrived in the United States, fundie icon President Ronald Reagan provided almost no government assistance or medical help to address the epidemic. Rather than show love for their gay neighbors like Jesus commanded, Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals circled their wagons and took the public position that AIDs was a disease sent personally by God himself to punish gay people for their sexual immorality.  In other words, gay people were getting what they deserved, and no upstanding fundie Christian was going to interfere with the obvious wrath of God.

Accurate information about AIDs and how a person could protect themselves from it was hard to find. Strangely, the popular situation comedy Designing Women saw this gaping, merciless hole in the American religious heart and tried to fill it with some love, kindness, and truth. Here are three video clips that record that little known story from American history:

When Designing Women Taught America about AIDs

Killing All the Right People

The Full Episode


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