A Real TV Commercial for a Real Health Product

A new health support product has arrived on the scene.  Its name is the Squatty Potty.  No.  This is not a joke.  It is a real product that you can actually buy and use in conjunction with your toilet at home to allow easier and more complete bowel movements—and prevent hemorrhoids. It is based on the discovery that our traditional and deeply ingrained cultural way of pooping in the United Kingdom and United States is not the best way to poop and actually violates the basic design of the human body—meaning God never intended for people to poop the way we do it.  However, I am interested in something else here.

John Calvin believed that the human mind is completely and totally depraved—sold out entirely to uncontrollable sin.  Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals have always been in the “pointing out sin” business.  Find a really blazing fundie and go out for an afternoon of shopping with her.  In our opinion she will spend much of the afternoon pointing out to you why this tea set is sinful, why that Ford advertisement is sinful, why God would take a flamethrower to that Jantzen swimsuit, and how that plate of Kung Pao chicken fails to honor God.

I am interested in what fundies and nonfundies think about the real TV commercial (below) for the Squatty Potty.  Is it sinful and depraved, or is it just a funny commercial?  Is this commercial a perfect example of what is wrong with Anglo-American culture and a perfect example of why most Brits and Americans are going to burn forever in the Lake of Fire? Back up your opinion by saying how this commercial violates specific scriptures and cite which scriptures it violates. The commercial may be viewed by clicking on the white triangle below.  And no, I am not paying you money or goods for your opinion.  You will be providing your opinion free of charge.

You may send your opinions to the following e-mail address: tcbkjbbrown@comcast.net

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