It’s Official: Earth-Shaking Schism Announced Today in Fundieland

Here at the Flee From Christian Fundamentalism blog, we knew this was going to happen, but we had no idea it would come this soon. We thought maybe 10-20 years out. A major and quite official schism (splitting apart) was announced today in the realm of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism. We believe this is the beginning of the end of Fundieland.  You may read about it at the following safe link:

The Battle for the Heart of American Evangelicalism

The newly created American Association of Evangelicals (AAE), which just split off from the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), has issued a long letter to explain its position and plead its case. You might view it as a 2016 American Election Manifesto of sorts.  Its title is as follows:

A Call to Repentance & Renewal

An Open Letter to Christian Pastors, Leaders and Believers

Who Assist the Anti-Christian Progressive Political Movement in America

You may read this long letter at the following safe link:

A Call to Repentance & Renewal

I gave this letter a close and very serious read. Speaking as a professional editor, it could have been written much better than it was.  In my opinion the language and tone are droll and not at all inspiring.  While reading it, my heart longed to have it in Microsoft Word so I could add numerous margin comments about the many things that struck me as being incorrect, morally wrong, or just plain ludicrous. For a while, I felt as if I had fallen down some rabbit hole and entered a strange world ruled by conspiracy theories. My read ended with a neon sign flashing on and off in my head.  The glass tubes that hold the neon gas had been twisted into a a single word to describe this letter:  DELUSIONAL.

Be sure and check out the article below about how some fundies view Donald Trump as the man God himself has given to ignite the end times crises, tribulations, and Armageddon. Some American fundie factions believe in what they call “forcing the hand of God.”  How do they do that?  They get an unstable political leader of some sort  into a high government position.  He then takes specific, premeditated actions designed to bring the whole world into a massive conflagration—like say Word War III—-where thousands of nuclear warheads are detonated. Jesus looks down from Heaven, sees all the death and destruction, takes pity on his Saints, and says:

My oh my!!!  I had better get down there fast and rapture out all my beloved fundies. My Father had not planned to do this for another 900 Earth years.

So, after the fundies have killed several billion people as Jesus bait to get their early rapture, they then go straight into Heaven to receive their rewards and live happily ever after. I suppose they assume Jesus will have no problem with their premeditated, cold-blooded killing of billions to sucker Jesus into action rather than waiting on God’s will to be done.  No.  This is not my fantasy.  A number of fundies really believe this, and whole books have been written about it.

Donald Trump and the End Times

As we have said before, we believe the Holy Spirit is in the process of reforming the American Church for the 21st century.  One of his reformation goals is the destruction of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism in their currently putrid forms, which were established in two waves about 1910 and about 1970. This new reformation includes expelling both of these “isms” permanently from the mainline trajectory of the universal Christian church that reigns in the hearts of those repentant sinners who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior—and have taken all his sayings and doings in the New Testament seriously.

In our honest opinion, Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism long ago rejected many of the red-word sayings and  doings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament by giving only passing lip service to them or cherry-picking them out and throwing them to the side—rather than making them the center of their faith and the center of their actions.  Instead, beginning around 1910 and increasingly by 1970, the fundies substituted in the place of traditional, main trajectory Christianity a false, man-made theology—some of it tied to johnny-come-lately theologian John Calvin. This man-made theology combined the worst instincts of human nature with the worst elements of long-existing Scots-Irish secular culture–especially American South Scots-Irish secular culture. Since the 1970s, this unholy triad has turned Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism into an arrogant, self-serving, cancerous mass with the following major characteristics: withering hatred, bigotry, racism, hardheartedness, frequent lying, elevation of factual ignorance to a holy virtue—and worst of all—a rejection of the Christian love and compassion for one’s neighbors that fills the New Testament from one end to the other.  Many other bad, unholy, and ridiculous characteristics could be listed here, but we think those will suffice for now.

Why is this happening now?  Well, one of the reasons is quite probably that the Holy Spirit wanted it to happen now.  However, in our opinion, the bottom line is this,  Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are, by both nature and brainwashing, extremist zealots.  A Christian friend of mine who also works with archaeology and history in his career has made this remark:

If you look at the entire sweep of human history on Earth, one major point consistently rings true.  Those man-initiated events that ended in disaster, horror, maiming, and death were caused by extremist zealots of one kind or another.

No one at this blog is in favor of Soviet communism. However, the founder of that now defunct movement said one thing very wise:

The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.

We have an analog to this statement that applies to the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals:

Give a Christian fundamentalist or conservative evangelical zealot enough rope, and he will be sure to hang himself with it.  It might not happen overnight, but he will hang himself.

The Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals talked too much nonsense, rejected too many truths (both Biblical and factual), and ended up looking like the pitiful clowns that they are in the eyes of many well-educated Americans. They finally reached the gallows and noose of their own making. God got tired of the ridiculousness, conspiracy theories, lies, and failure to face reality—and so did both extraordinary and ordinary men and women inside the church and outside of it. The mindless, thoughtless, morally bankrupt fundie support for Donald Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States has become the trap door of the fundie gallows on which the modern fundie stands with a rope around his neck.  At about midnight on November 8, 2016, that door will drop, and the fundies will have hung themselves.

The three videos below highlight what happened and is continuing to happen to the fundies in American society and culture—and we nonfundie Christians believe they deserve every bit of the criticism and rejection they have gotten.  This is how the fundies hung themselves and are continuing to hang themselves on the gallows they inadvertently constructed for themselves:

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