Fundie Plans to Use the Legal System to Persecute LGBTQ People Slam into a Steel Wall in North Carolina

Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and the Religious Right want to drive LGBTQ people back into their closets by using the American legal system as a tool of persecution. Laws like North Carolina HB2 are just one example of such persecution.  HB2 was already in serious trouble. Now it is in even more trouble. American business is turning up the heat to white hot on the State of North Carolina, and their HB2 coconut is about to explode. Many of you already knew that American business was coming down hard on the State of North Carolina and HB2.  Today there is a new actor that just stepped onto the stage—and he just happens to be an 800-lb gorilla in a very bad mood.  You may read about him in the following new article just published in The Washington Post:

New Heat Applied to HB2 in North Carolina

This should stand as a firm warning to all Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals from sea to shining sea.  No LGBTQ person is ever going to be driven back into any closet again. Fundie plans to drive LGBTQ people back into their closets via laws that enable persecution are not going to be tolerated or allowed by a majority of the American people, American business, and many mainline Christian churches.

You fundies should all be ashamed of yourselves. You whine like babies about Christians being persecuted in ancient times and even today—with the clear message that persecuting people is the wrong thing to do.  Then, disgusting hypocrites that you are, you turn right around and advance laws and other measures designed to persecute law-abiding LGBTQ citizens you regard as sinners—and you do it in the name of your own religious freedom. Do you fundies have a recent memorandum from Jesus that officially authorizes you to use the American legal system to persecute LGBTQ people and punish them for their sins against your right doctrine?  If you do, I feel sure the American people would like to see this memorandum.

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