A Christian Choice: Trump vs. Clinton

This post is for all American Christians. Some of you who watch the Trump vs. Clinton debate tonight have not decided on who will get your vote. You plan to use what the candidates say this evening to help you decide.  We have something else for you to consider in making your decision. Most leaders in Christian fundamentalism, conservative evangelicalism, and the Religious Right have claimed for decades that a candidate’s Christianity, Biblical morality, and honesty should be of paramount importance to the Christian voter.  In the 2016 election, many of these fundie leaders have bailed out on this great historical voting requirement—saying that other nonChristian, nonBiblical, and nonmoral factors are more important.  Hypocrisy?  You bet!!!  We think ethical factors are still important when evaluating a candidate, and we have something to help you.

The 2016 Presidential election is quite likely the most scandal-ridden election in American history.  Both candidates have scandals in their pasts—-and they are often so complex, convoluted, and murky that unraveling and understanding them is difficult to say the least. Fortunately, John Oliver on HBO’s Last Week Tonight program has performed a great service for the American people.  He and his staff have taken a close look at the major scandals on both sides and have reported the results of their examination to the American people on video—in clear and understandable terms for the average person—and the comedy helps.  You may take a look by clicking on the white triangle below, and be sure to watch it all the way to the end to see which candidate they conclude presents the greatest ethical concern:

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