White Fundie America and Trump

Here are a couple of salient quotes from the following article just published in The Washington Post and our commentary on them:

What the End of White Christian America Has to Do with Trump (Part 2)

Robert P. Jones  Quotation

Trump’s promises to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and to bring back manufacturing jobs are not just appeals to economic wellbeing [sic]. These appeals are often coupled with promises to restore power to the [Fundie] Christian churches, although that part of Trump’s appeal is not prominently reported. For many white evangelical Protestant and white working class voters, those appeals are about restoring a sense of place and a lost cultural world. Trump’s promise is that if he is elected, the factory gates will reopen, the boards will come down off the storefront windows, the pews will fill, different races and genders will be clearly defined and will know their place, and America will make sense again.

Does anyone see what is going on here?  The Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals have no doubt asked God numerous times in prayer to restore them to what they consider to have been their former power and glory in the United States. They felt like they owned the United States and everyone in it as their personal property.  Most fundies believe they were once the 800-lb religious gorilla in this country, and their appointed preachers could boss everyone around and make them cow-tow to fundie theology and values. Apparently, God has not answered their prayers, and they now believe that only the imprimatur of a fundie-favorable U.S. government intervention can save them. Donald Trump is now believed to be the coming new savior who will descend from Washington, D.C. with a shout and save them from all their religious and culture war failures.  In my opinion, what these fundie leaders, preachers, and pew sitters really need to do is:

(1)  Fall down on their knees in unison before God.

(2)  Confess they have behaved toward their neighbors as sorry, mean-spirited  bastards for the past 116 years.

(3)  Repent of being the sorry, mean-spirited bastards they have proven themselves to be and repent of their corrupt, man-made fundie belief system and all the evil deeds that have come out of it and that continue to come out of it.

(4)  Allow the Holy Spirit to thoroughly reform these fundie people and their churches.

(5)  Realize there is a whole lot more to the Christian faith than just  preaching Jesus Christ and salvation by grace through him.  The New Testament requires much more of the Christian man and woman than just evangelism. The fundies need to give just as much effort and treasure toward serving their fellow man and woman in love as they do to evangelism—as the New Testament commands them to do—rather than curse their neighbors day in and day out, ignore their daily material needs, and tell them they are all going to Hell.

Perhaps it would be wise for all fundies to stop and consider whether they might be the ones who are really going to Hell. They firmly believe they will be the first into the Kingdom of Heaven and forget what Jesus says.  The first will be last, and the last will be first.  More than just a little humble pie needs to be consumed in Fundieville.

Will they do this on their own?  Not likely. Only the Holy Spirit can move them. Personally, I believe they are so hard-hearted, mean-spirited, stiff-necked, and shot-through with spiritual pride and arrogance that only the loss of nearly everything they value in this world will move them to that soft-hearted, loving, repentant place where Jesus wants them to be—where He wants all Christians to be.

Gary Bauer Quotation

Gary Bauer is a famous fundie political heartthrob on the so-called Religious Right. Nonfundies of various descriptions have hijacked an America that exclusively belongs to the fundies and they need to gain control of the country again.  Check out this bit of allegory from Gary:

This country is the equivalent of that [9/11] hijacked plane right now. We’re headed to a disaster, unless we can get control of the cockpit again. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Flight 93 election. This may be our last shot. It’s time to roll. It’s time to run down the aisle and save Western civilization.

Perhaps Jesus will keep the door to the cockpit barricaded on November 8, 2016, and Fundie Flight 93 will do what it really needs to do in this election—crash and burn so what is left of the fundie establishment and the fundies will see the crash and know that their existential cultural time in this world is short if they do not repent, reform, and learn to love their neighbors in far more ways than just sharing the gospel of salvation.

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