Fundie Christianity’s Double-Helix God “Uhmericuh”

Let’s start this brief meditation on the great dual lord Uhmericuh with a nice little hymn. Just click on the white triangle below:

Yes neighbor.  Right here in the good ole USA, Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism claim to worship exclusively the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. However, they really have another faith—a dual faith—where their adherents simultaneously worship the dual god named “Uhmericuh.”  In the fundie mind, these two faiths are bound tightly like the double-helix bond in DNA.  This bond is exceedingly tight. Sometimes it is hard to know where one faith ends and the other faith begins. This whole matter brings to mind a couple of famous quotations of uncertain origin:

What happened in Nazi Germany could never happen here in the United States.

When fascism comes to the United States, it will be wrapped in the American flag and will be carrying the cross.

Most Americans have never taken these two quotes seriously because, by and large, Americans are ignorant of American history, American geography, world history, and the finer details of American government. This is especially true in the fundie world where rank ignorance has been raised to the level of a holy virtue.  You do not believe me? Quickly!!!  Without looking it up, how many of you readers can name the 8th President of the United States?  See?  I live Down South in the USA and have heard various versions of the following from adolescents and young adults all of my life:

American history, government, and geography are boring. Why do I have to learn about those old dead people and events—and what are they to me?  Nothing!!! Nothing at all. Politicians and leaders?  What have they ever done for me? Nothing!!!  All that matters to me and my life are the taters in my belly, the beans on my plate, a good car, and enough gas to git to my job.

This quote alone is tragic. The even more tragic thing is that these same young Americans in vast numbers can say about the same thing while leaning on their canes at age 82.

The dark realities of human history around the world are clear. When faith in a religion and faith in a government mix too much—really bad things happen. People get tortured, maimed, and killed in large numbers. The quotations above need to be taken seriously because too much mixing of Christian fundamentalism, conservative evangelicalism, and American government will be a deadly poison one day to the universal church, American liberty, and human rights.

Now, with all that said and a caution given, you may read about this dual religion of the fundies and their dual god named Uhmericuh at the following safe link:

Why ‘God and Country’ Christianity Is Just Another Phony Prosperity Gospel

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