One of the Saddest Christian Stories in America

Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism were the incubation nurseries for big-time American televangelism. Most of these televangelism organizations still operate on the traditional fundie model. If you want to see a sad but serious religious commentary on televangelism expressed through hilarious comedy, you may see it by clicking on the video below.  It does have some profanity in it, but it is well-placed for proper emphasis. Hang on every word and image—especially if you are poor, sick, or in some other difficult life circumstance.

Speaking as a Christian, here is the thing I do not understand. Why are American Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals not upset and angry about questionable televangelism?  Questionable televangelism makes a massive public mockery of your faith traditions, arguably worse than any criticisms we make here at the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog, and it preys on those people Jesus refers to in the Bible as the “least of these.”  Many of these prey are Christian poor people and sick people. Only rarely, extremely rarely in my life, have I ever heard any Sunday morning church pastor speak out against questionable televangelism, its deceit, and its money-grubbing ways.

Why did it take an HBO comedian to investigate questionable televangelism and tell it like it is to the American people?  Give it a watch, laugh some, cry some, warn your family members, and warn your brothers and sisters in Christ.  We hope and pray that millions of people in the American universal church will one day complain to the Internal Revenue Service about questionable televangelism, speak out loud against it in thousands of church pulpits, and do something to end it.

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