More Fundie Religious Freedom in Action

Once again, like so many times before, the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are using the Book of Proverbs in The Holy Bible to justify child abuse.  Here are the famous Bible verses:

Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die. If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from Sheol (Proverbs 23:13-14)

This time the Indiana Religious Freedom Act is being claimed as a legal out for the alleged abuser.  Take a look at the following safe link:

Freedom to Abuse your Child in the Name of Jesus

You may read more about this Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical belief about disciplining children via child abuse at the safe link below, and please notice that a Southern Baptist man has actually invented a “Biblically conforming” rod to beat your child with—and he was apparently selling them to make money:

Fundie Child Abuse and the Bible

This is just one of many possible examples that show how a simple,  literal, inerrantist reading of the Bible can result in serious injury to a child, the death of a child, and/or the imprisonment of the parental abuser. In the mainline Christian churches, Proverbs 23:13-14 have been understood very differently for a long time.  You may read about that understanding at the following safe link:

It Is Not a Beating Rod

Remember parents.  Children who are physically abused often grow up with the clear message from their parents that violence is the first and best way to solve a problem.  My dad beat me around the sides of my head with his bare knuckles when I was a small child with a thin cranium—and he hit hard—hard enough to cause serious injury or death. The meningeal arteries that feed the human brain are located directly behind the two temporal bones on each side of the cranium, and it does not take a lot of force on the temporal bones to rupture those arteries. Fortunately, except for one relatively minor time long ago, I have been able to resist the violent impulses my dad beat into my head with his stone-like knuckles. Your child might not be so lucky or blessed with self-control in that regard—and end up being a physical abuser.

Listen up fundies!!!  If you discipline your children with physical abuse, your son or daughter may end up being an abuser.  Your daughter might kill your grandchild during a beating with the rod, or your son might become a wife beater. Of course, I guess wife beating is acceptable to some degree within the fundie realm:

My wife didn’t submit appropriately, so I gave her a beating.

Once upon a time, a close friend of mine informed me that she grew up with a girl who was the daughter of a fundie pastor (Southern Baptist).  They were really tight and close friends like two peas in a pod.  Not too long after this friendship became really close and deep, the pastor’s daughter confessed that her dad was a wife abuser—the violent kind—and that her mother received regular beatings in their nice Christian home, all of which were kept under wraps so the congregation would not find out about them.

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