Fundies: We Fear a Coming Collapse of Christianity

by Charles S. Garabedian

You saw the title above.  The sky is falling!!!  The sky is falling!!!  The sky is falling!!!  Well, wait just one minute here. Let us use what we have learned in previous posts to better understand this hysteria.

From our previous posts on the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog, you will recall that the words “Christian” and “Christianity” are fundie code words. Most Christian fundamentalists and many conservative evangelicals believe that the mainline Protestant denominations, the Roman Catholic Church, and most other worldwide Christian groups and enterprises are apostate. In the unique language I call Fundie Speak, the words “Christian” and “Christianity” apply only to fundie churches, fundie church members, and other fundie faith enterprises. Therefore, when the fundies speak of a coming collapse of Christianity, what they really mean and what they really fear is a highly specific coming collapse of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism.

Fundies might occasionally give a little casual lip service to declining United Methodist Church membership or the liberalizing of Roman Catholic Church attitudes on certain moral issues—but as far as they are concerned—these nonfundie churches collapsed long ago. In the unique fundie mindset, this left the fundies and their churches as the only hilltop, brightly shining beacons of Jesus Christ left on planet Earth. However, the sky is now falling because they foresee an imminent collapsing of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism. (Nauseated by this smug fundie exclusivity, spiritual pride, and arrogance?  That is okay. We understand. We will wait a few minutes while you grab your wastebasket for a good vomit.)

Back now?  Good.  Just this morning, I ran across another article that whines incessantly about this imminent collapse of fundie Christianity. As usual, it places most of the blame on fundie children who failed to properly absorb and live out fundie right doctrines and rot docterns—and it goes on to blame the effects of evil secular culture on these fundie kids. Fundies tend to see themselves as exclusively pure, righteous, and infallible above all other human beings. It never occurs to fundie preachers, Sunday school teachers, and parents that their enormous spiritual pride, factual ignorance, poor life examples, corrupt lives, personal wickedness, and rank hypocrisy are the real reasons why their children are leaving their churches and never coming back.

They also fail to listen to the stated concerns of their children—meaning that when a fundie child opens his or her mouth about a key issue of personal concern—the message goes right into one adult fundie ear and right out the other. No prevailing fundie conditions, positions, or attitudes are seriously considered or reconsidered. No significant changes ever occur because the fundie belief system is extremely rigid and highly uncompromising in nature. Disgusted with the whole intransigent mess, when the children reach ages 18-24, they walk away from their fundie churches forever.

You may give the previously mentioned article a read at the following safe link, and be sure to click on some of the hyperlinks within the article for additional information:

The Coming Christian Fundamentalist Collapse


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