Catholic Priest Slams the Religious Right

Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism have openly and publicly despised the Roman Catholic Church for most of their existence.  In the middle 1980s, while I was attending a Sunday morning service at my Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) megachurch, our pastor mounted his high horse and viciously railed at the Roman Catholic Church.  He called it, and this an exact quote, “a worldwide system of evil.”  Yeah, right.  Try telling that to all the hungry people who were fed in the name of Jesus yesterday at the Catholic Soup Kitchens.

The local Roman Catholic Church in my town, an equally huge church with many members, was located just a few blocks up the street from my old SBC church.  I have lived in my current southern town for 33 years.  Throughout that time, our local Roman Catholic Church has always had an excellent reputation in our community.  The only place you are likely to hear anything bad about it is in some local fundie hell hole—like my old SBC church.  Fortunately, in recent years, a little bit of rapprochement has occurred between the two sides in the context of the pro-life movement.

Only rarely do you see Roman Catholic representatives slamming the fundies in media venues.  Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  However, one Catholic priest apparently got tired of being “viciously done unto” and decided to return the favor by going after one of the greatest pet projects in all of Fundieville—the so-called Religious Right. You may read what the priest had to say in the following on-line article, which hit the target dead center:

The Religious Right’s Last Gasp

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