My Note to Target Stores

As a mainline Christian, a heterosexual, and an avid shopper, I am just writing to tell you that I support your transgender bathroom policy and all efforts by Target Stores, American business, and American industry to end bitter religious discrimination against LGBTQ people. Such discrimination is never good for business, and it is neither right nor fair to treat any American person as a second class citizen. Target is doing the right and loving thing with its new policies.

I grew up down south where Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical lunatics like Franklin Graham abound. They are not really angry at Target Stores—not really. They are so angry because their peculiar religious sect has been losing power and influence over the American people for decades. They are in rapid decline, they know it, and it scares them witless.  When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s in my small town down South, nearly every store was closed on Sundays. The fundies looked at that with great spiritual pride because it meant that the general population was cow-towing to their personal  religious demands. Then the big box stores of that time, like Zayre and Big K, moved in and started opening on Sundays. Not too long afterwards, many mom and pop stores were open on Sunday. The fundies in my small town wailed like stuck pigs and muttered about it with shaking heads over coffee in restaurants. Not too long after that, their sons and daughters were manning the cash registers on the Sunday shift.

My Point: Ignore Franklin Graham and his ilk. Stand strong with other American businesses to prevent LGBTQ discrimination. When one of us loses our basic civil rights as Americans—all of us do.  This too shall soon pass for Target Stores—and I am proud to shop at my local Target stores any day!!!

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