Sig-h-h-h-h-h-h-h. What’s Next?

Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical literature never ceases to amaze me.  You can be amazed too.  I ran into the following article while perusing through the website for the Landover Baptist Church.

A Christian Fundie Perspective on African-Americans…with…uh…Illustrations

Hi again folks.  I have been sick today with a really bad GI virus, and my perception abilities are at low ebb.  I am not absolutely sure of this, but the Landover Baptist Church website may be a humor site that specializes in massive “spoofing” of the religious beliefs and culture of Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals. With Westboro Baptist Church in the world and dead serious these days, how is one to even know for sure anymore?  Well, anyway,  we try to be as honest as we can around here with a really broad subject, so a mess up can occur once in a while.

I am still feeling lousy from this virus.  If anyone would like to go on-line and assess whether this Landover Baptist Church website is real or a spoof, please go ahead—and let us know what you discover.  I suspect it is a spoof and offer my sincere apologies if I inadvertently misled you.  Surely.  Surely.  Not even the worst fundies could be that bad—I hope—for the sake of us all.

Update.  Okay.  Here is the final word on this:

Landover Baptist Church

Interesting—and perhaps frightening if you think about it—meaning that actual personal experiences as a student at a fundie college could spur something like this website.

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