An Atheist Perspective on Jesus

My on-line friend Bruce Gerencser, who is a former Christian fundamentalist pastor (25+ years), has written a really interesting article entitled Why I Hate Jesus.  Bruce, who is now an atheist, rightly notes that what he really hates is not so much the ancient Jesus who  walked the dusty trails of Roman Judea, but rather the modern jesus (Note the lower case letters).  The modern jesus is the new, human-created, all-American jesus that has been with us for the past 100 years. This is the jesus that has been created by the people who adhere to American Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism. So sad to say, this modern jesus is the one so many Americans believe in today.  You may read Bruce’s article here:

Why I Hate Jesus

Perhaps, having never known Jesus in the flesh 2,000 years ago, we are all forced to create our own personal view of Jesus.  If you will recall, the authentic 1st century Jesus asked a very important and quite individualized question regarding just that one thing in the Bible.  “Who do you say that I am?”  Each of us needs to ask this question to himself or herself —and answer it for himself or herself.  I have done this.  The Jesus I believe in and love so very much—and deeply—is nothing like this modern jesus that Bruce takes to task in his article.  I think the real Jesus is a much better Soul and Spirit than the modern jesus.  In fact, if the Lord of Darkness really does hate humankind and really wants to destroy human beings in both body and spirit—and needs to offer up to men and women a model jesus designed to achieve just that end, something like the modern jesus would be the model necessary to achieve it.  Who do you say the real Jesus is?

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