Shootings in Dallas

The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog would like to take this moment to express our shock and sadness over the shooting of 11 police officers and two civilians late last night and early this morning in Dallas, Texas.  Five officers were killed and 6 were wounded. The civilians were wounded too.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to provide comfort to the officers who were wounded and to all of the many family members of the dead and injured.  Please pray too for the souls of the dead.  Please pray too that no more people will be killed or injured because at this late hour (2:33 a.m.) the Dallas police have one live shooter who is pinned down and still exchanging gunfire with the police.  They are hoping to capture him alive for intelligence reasons. Bogus or not, this live shooter claims that bombs have been hidden all over the downtown Dallas area and that “the end is near,” whatever that means?

Please be thinking about what we Christians can do, other than just sit on our fat butts and pray, to help bring an end to all of this gun violence in our country.  Jesus was not just the Son of God and a great teacher.  He set a bold example as a doer.  I have two good Christian hands.  All of you fellow Christians out there have two good hands.  What can we do with our hands to show that black lives do matter?  What can we do with our two hands to show that LGBTQ lives do matter?  What can we do with our two hands to show that police lives do matter? What can we do with our two hands to stop all this insane gun violence that is ripping our country apart?  What can we do with our two hands to foil terror attacks and atrocities committed by ISIS?  How can we be the peacemakers Jesus called us to be?

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