Brandon Robertson and Tony Campolo Hit the Nail on the Head

Does it ever bother you that the Sunday before July 4th could easily look like a Nuremberg party rally in some of our church sanctuaries, especially in the assorted Baptist churches. Yeah.  You know.  The Baptist churches—the churches that have historically held the separation of religion and government as a 400-year-old American ideal.  In some of these churches, all you have to do on July 4th is swap out  the stars and stripes with swastika-emblazoned flags—and voila!!!  Instant Nuremberg!!!  Patriotic pomp and circumstance in church have always bothered me. This is perhaps because I am a good enough American history student to know that the United States was not founded as as a Christian nation.

Brandon Robertson brings all this home in a new July 4th article on patriotism in church.  The only place I disagree with Brandon is his insistence that God’s Kingdom exists entirely in another world while we Christians are left temporarily waiting at the bus station, ticket in hand, in this earthly world.  Rather, I agree with Tony Campolo’s position that it is God’s will that his Holy Kingdom begins with each Christian in this world—right now—wherever you are standing, sitting, or lying.

You may read Brandon’s article by clicking on the following safe link:

Why Your Church Should NOT Celebrate Independence Day

You may view the short Tony Campolo video at the following safe link:

Tony Campolo Video

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