An End to Fundie Triumphalism

We have a video and two articles for you many kind Christian readers who are opposed to Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism. The fight against Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism for the past 44 years has been a long and hard one.  I predicted many years ago that the mainline Christian denominations such as the United Methodist Church (America’s second largest protestant denomination) would one day join the fight against these two “isms.”  I further remarked that fundie influence on American society and culture would begin dying when that joining occurred. Today representatives of the United Methodist Church and other mainline Christian denominations are seen consistently in marches and signed manifestos opposing the various fundie initiatives in the so-called culture wars.

Fundies Are Feeling Down

Folks.  The fight is not over. This is no time to falter while Jesus is reforming his American church for the 21st century. All I can say is keep up the pressure on the fundie “isms” 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year, and for decades to come.  The fundie condition of “feeling down” is not a signal to quit. No smart football team quits playing at the end of the first half when it is only a few points ahead.  This is a long-term fight.

We Christians who oppose Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism have a message for all you many millions of unkind, mean-spirited, hateful, and unJesus-like fundie “witnesses” who have spent decades mistreating and spitting on your American neighbors in the name of Jesus—and wielding the Bible as a weapon of violence rather than a love letter from God. Let this message be very loud and crystal clear.  We are growing in numbers, and we shall not waver or tire—like the song says:

The Fight Continues

Finally, I recently read a blog article that pretty well sums up the true essence of the New Christian Reformation Jesus is leading for 21st century America.  I hope this reformation will be for the whole world too.  It is summed up in the following blog article:

True Essence of the Christian Faith and Life

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