Comments on the Orlando Shootings

Warning:  F-Bombs Ahead.  Samantha Bee has commented on the Orlando shootings. While we might not fully agree with her choice of some words, the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog agrees with her commentary.  Samantha is angry, but it is anger born from a baseline sense of need for righteousness, justice, and action.  You can see the commentary here:

In our opinion, you can bet your last dollar that Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism, in all their “ismness,” would disagree with nearly everything she has to say.  And why is that?  “True” Christians need their AR-15 rifles to “protect themselves” from apostate Christians and nonChristians (a.k.a. the unGodly) who are standing in the way of their long-held dreams of overthrowing the unrighteous and unGodly government of the United States and substituting a fundie religious government run by Jesus Christ Himself (read the term “Jesus Christ Himself” as Reverend Beverly B. Beverly down at Possum Holler Baptist Church) and his ruling cabinet composed of the so-called “Great Men of God,” which means 12 other right wing, extremist, religious nutjobs just like Reverend B.B.B.  

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