Invitation for Guest Posts

The Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog is hereby offering an invitation to person(s) who would like to write a guest post for our blog. You may choose your own topic concerning Christian fundamentalism or conservative evangelicalism. No posts that praise these two “isms” will be accepted.  No posts criticizing the contents of this blog or those who dare to criticize Christian fundamentalism, conservative evangelicalism, or the religious right will be accepted. No fundie sermons, sermonettes, prayers, or proseletyzing posts will be accepted. No posts containing long strings of scripture quotes will be accepted. No posts by Christian fundamentalists; conservative evangelicals; or political nutjobs on the religious right will be accepted. We reserve the sole right to determine to our satisfaction alone whether you are such a person and to reject your submitted post on that basis for our own sincerely held religious reasons or for any other reasons we have.

The length of your guest post may be up to 5 single-space pages using 11-point font, and your post may include photographs and/or illustrations.  If you submit a guest post, please click on the Blog Policy tab at the top of this page and familiarize yourself with its contents because all guest posts are subject to the stated policy and to editing by the staff at the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog.  We do not have the financial resources to pay authors to write and submit blog posts.  Therefore, by the act of submitting a guest post, you are doing so with the full and complete understanding that you will not be paid in any way, shape, or form for researching, writing, submittal, or publication of your guest blog post.

All guest post authors will be given a by-line if they so desire, or they may post anonymously. Please submit your guest post to the following e-mail address:

WARNING: If you send any e-mail criticisms of the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog or the posts on this blog to the foregoing e-mail address, your e-mail messages will be deleted immediately without reading them.  Resistance is futile!!!

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