Statistics for 2015 Have Arrived

The once great Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) churches strayed over to the dark side in 1979 and emerged from the cauldron as Christian fundamentalist churches.  According to USA Today, just released statistics indicate Southern Baptist Convention churches lost 200,000 members in 2015.  This was the 9th consecutive year of measured declines.  In addition, the year 2015 saw a decline in baptisms of 10,000—down to a 2015 total of 295,000. Overall membership fell from 15.5 million to 15.3 million between 2014 and 2015. The Executive Committee President and CEO of the SBC was quoted as saying: “God help us all!”

I feel almost certain the SBC would claim those losses are all so-called Christians who fled from their churches so they could live comfortably in sin or worship in sin at an apostate church. Fundie churches are famous for salving their wounds with their own imagined perfection rather than facing up to the fact that they ditched Jesus, his sayings, and his doings long ago—and perhaps worst of all—expelled that LOVE that Jesus, John, and the Apostle Paul talk so much about in the New Testament.

Here at the blog, it is our sincere hope that the many people who are leaving the SBC churches each year will understand it is not Jesus that has failed them.  The feeble and all-too-human Scribes and Pharisees who have run the SBC churches are the ones who have failed them.  If those fleeing the SBC were angry and  frustrated, they  did the right thing by dumping their SBC churches. We sincerely hope they will not make the mistake of equating Jesus with their SBC churches and choose to become agnostics, atheists, or  “nones.”

Listen up former SBC folks.  The real and authentic Jesus Christ you never met at your SBC church is still out there looking for you.  He wants to give you the hug of true love you have always longed for.  He is alive and doing well in many other churches and home worship groups that are nonfundamentalist in nature.  Seek him and ye shall find him—and He will dry away all your tears.

If you want to find a new church that is not a fundie church, like the one you just left behind in the SBC, we recommend using our church litmus test questions at the following post on our blog:

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