A Christian Repudiation of Fundamentalism

I want to introduce you to a new article entitled The Ugly in Christianity.  Just to clue you in on this article, it was written by a person who was a member of the Church of Christ.

The Church of Christ is a largely fundie denomination (consisting of autonomous churches) that is common in Tennessee, particularly in the Nashville area, as well as in other locations in the United States.  In the 19th and 20th centuries, Christians outside of the Church of Christ referred to the members of their churches as Campbellites (pronounced “Camel Lights” like the famous cigarette). Much of their theology was derived from Scottish preacher Alexander Campbell.  When I was growing up, the term Campbellite was used as a pejorative term in casual conversation.  I often heard it from adult Southern Baptists and Methodists who were none too happy with the nonmusical church down the street.

The members of the Church of Christ have some really peculiar beliefs—but hey—this is Fundieland where peculiar and crazy have been the new normal for a long time. For example, Campbellites believe it is wrong to use musical instruments in their worship services because the New Testament does not mention the use of such instruments in early Christian worship services.  It is my understanding that they tend to be an exclusivist fundie denomination that believes all people who are not members of a local Church of Christ are going to Hell.  That means every member of every other church on Earth is going to Hell.  If you press them on this matter, they will explain that they–and they alone—are the Church of Christ—because it says so on the sign out front.  Only Christ can save. They will go on to say that the Lutheran Church and the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Church are not really churches of Christ.  They are the churches of Luther and the churches of independent-minded baptism.  Faith in Luther and faith in independent-minded baptism cannot save a person from Hell. Rather, their Churches of Christ—and their churches alone—are the only ones that can save a person from Hell because they—and they alone—are the Church of Christ—just like the sign says out front.

Obviously, these people have never read a word on the matter of Shakespeare, names, and roses, but this is how my Uncle Malcolm and I heard it straight from the mouth of a highly educated Church of Christ deacon in the early 1970s. In reality, this may be an oversimplification or erroneous view of this church. You can read this Wikipedia item and sort that out for yourself:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Churches_of_Christ.

Regardless, brace yourselves for some craziness in this new article entitled The Ugly in Christianity, which centers on one person’s personal experience in her local Church of Christ:

The Ugly in Christianity

Our kind readers may file this post away under the rubric of Why People Are Fleeing from Fundie Churches.

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