An Apology to our Readers

Several days passed before I realized the Fox News website had taken down the Associated Press story about Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals losing their clout in American life (See blue link in my previous post below). My best guess is that some influential fundie made a case to Fox News that most fundies are in love with Fox News—and how dare they put an article on their website showing the fundies being weak and on the run—and begged Fox News to take it down—which they did.  We have the remedy though.  Associated Press stories are picked up and published by all sorts of media centers nationwide. The exact same story was published in a famous daily newspaper in Arizona.  We have inserted a blue link to that story in our previous post below.  So, if you did not get to read it before, you can now click on it and read it.  Thanks and God bless you all.

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