Fundie Rot Doctern No. 4

Nothing a nonChristian or apostate Christian says can be believed because they do not have the truth living in them—like I do.   This means they are either incapable of telling the truth or the things they say are so full of lies it is impossible to distinguish the lies from the truth.

After 18 years of visiting various worldwide web venues where assorted fundies hang out, I have encountered this rot doctern numerous times.  It is often heard in situations where a female fundie—let us call her Cyndi—has been cornered like a wounded animal by a flood of scripture quotes, compelling logic, and facts contrary to her fundie position. The most often heard verbal manifestation from Cyndi is as follows:

You’re not a ‘true’ Christian!!!  Why should I believe anything you have to say?!!

Rather than huff and puff under stress like Cyndi, other fundies have directly told me various expressions of the rot doctern stated above in bold font.

So yeah.  Why not?  To all you little Cyndies and little Freddies out there in Fundieland, continue on in your deluded little fantasy world.  When Joe the agnostic butcher says his ribeye is on sale for $10.00/lb, go on to that other supermarket and pay $13.00 per pound. No one should have to buy steaks from an agnostic butcher who you suspect of lying simply because he is agnostic.  As for me and my house, we choose to believe Joe and take home the cheap steaks.

Cyndi.  Freddie.  Has this ever occurred to you?  If every so-called apostate Christian and every nonChristian in the United States were to lie that  much in their dealings with other people, our American society and culture would no longer be in operation?  Total chaos would prevail, and no Cyndi and Freddie, total chaos does not already prevail today.  On a normal day, the buses, planes, and trains do run pretty much on time.

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