A Transgender Teenager Needs to Go Pee…

In Sumner County, Tennessee, a transgender student needs to pee in the restroom appropriate to her gender identity.  Sumner County does not fully cooperate with that, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Tennessee has filed a legal complaint against the Sumner County Board of Education. You may read about it here:

Article about Legal Complaint

The Tennessee General Assembly (state legislature) is out of session for the year, but right wing extremists with legislative seats and the fundie toadies who support them are considering a special session (read that as emergency session) of the Tennessee General Assembly to force this teenager to pee in the restroom appropriate to the gender on her birth certificate.

Now, I am not sure of this, but this may be the first time in American history when a state legislature has been called into a special session because a teenager “needs to go pee.”  I would like to kindly ask you readers to write to Tennessee Speaker of the House Beth Harwell and ask if she and her right-wing-extremist clown corps have nothing better to do than persecute transgender teenagers who need to go pee.  Here is her e-mail address: speaker.beth.harwell@capitol.tn.gov

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