A Short Lesson in Fundie Political History

This short video clip is standup comedy, but the fundie political history in it is totally accurate.  I know this history very well from reliable independent sources—one of them being the words of Paul Weyrich himself. Abortion was never the original rallying cry for the Religious Right. The roots of this rallying cry were unequivocally in private fundie college campus racism and protecting these racist fundie colleges from federal intrusions into their campus affairs.

Yes, it is the absolute truth that the abortion issue was from the very beginning nothing but a  “put up job.”  Republicans were trying to convince Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals to get exclusively onto the Republican Party bandwagon. In essence, abortion was picked on a momentary whim at the behest of a bodyless voice on the other end of a telephone conference call involving Republican political hacks and conservative Christian leaders. Rather than abortion, it could just as easily have been rusty barbed wire, ugly toupees, or a 100-lb roll of salami—written on little pieces of paper to be picked from a hat by a blindfolded person.

In fact, before this conference call was ever held, the Southern Baptist Convention and famous Southern Baptist Pastor W.A. Criswell (First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas), an almost god-like figure even today in the annals of Southern Baptist Fundiedom, had already decided on purely religious grounds alone (no politics involved) that abortion was a good, righteous, and Biblically acceptable thing for Christian women and all women to do. As a result of that famous conference call, Republican political hacks talked the Southern Baptists into backing off from their commitment to abortion rights and talked them into being against abortion for purely political purposes that would serve the best interests of the Republican Party.  Before his death, Paul Weyrich openly confessed all of this in his own words to a group of his followers and to Dr. Randall Balmer, who was clandestinely attending a meeting along with those followers.

Anti-abortion propaganda was developed and fed to the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical pew sitters. They lapped it up mindlessly like starving dogs, and the rest is history.  Watch this short video clip.  It is absolute historical truth in capsule form that I already knew from my own independent readings and research. Most Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelical pew sitters are totally unaware of this true history:

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