Rare Good News out of Kansas

Please give this news story out of Kansas a read:

New Federal Court Ruling

Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the light.” I believe all truth is God’s truth, including the scientific truth that has been discovered and elucidated by scientists (many of them devout Christians) in a variety of disciplines.  As I have said on the website of my scientific research organization:

Christian fundamentalism, conservative evangelicalism, and their political allies in the United States have become militant in nature and outright hostile to the conventional, mainstream academic content of archaeology, anthropology, geology, biology, genetics, astronomy, environmental science, clinical psychology, American history, library science, and related fields of study. This hostility includes intensive and widespread religious and political efforts to obtain government power at all levels and use that power to undermine the teaching of evolution and other settled science in American public schools.  It also includes widespread attempts to rewrite K-12 American history and social studies curricula to reflect right wing extremist prejudices and ideology rather than the true American history and social studies content held in trust for the American people by highly trained experts in the humanities and social sciences at American colleges and universities.

This lawsuit in Kansas was yet another attempt by Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals to shoot down the teaching of evolution truth in the public school science classrooms of Kansas.  The rest of Christendom worldwide made its peace with evolution long ago.  To thinking Christians, the question is not whether God created our universe.  The question is: “How did God create our universe?” God has used geology, astronomy, evolutionary biology, and genetics to reveal the “how” secrets of creation over the past 150 years—and they are marvelous to behold.  Only a really BIG GOD could have done all of this and so much more.

The Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals believe they know how God created the universe. He “spoke it into existence.”  Now, what exactly does that mean? Over the years, it has become evident to me that the fundies think God is a very small God—in fact—a cheap, human-looking sideshow magician attached to a touring carnival.  In their minds, God used his breath to poof the universe into existence—six 24 hour days of instantaneous poofings to be exact.  To the fundies, a god (any god) cannot be a true God unless he chooses to work like a carnival magician.  They believe the ability to instantaneously poof is what makes a God great. I can just hear one of them saying:

What kind of a God is it that would take 13.8 billion years to create a universe and go into all these tiny mathematical modelings and minute intricacies in every little thing across a universe with a diameter of 92 billion light years—and He is still creating it at this very moment?

A VERY BIG AND POWERFUL GOD who is everywhere at once in all places and times—and He eats carnival sideshow magicians for lunch.

Nearly all Christian fundamentalists and many conservative evangelicals believe the earth is only 5,000 to 10,000 years old and dinosaurs lived alongside humans during some internal span of that time range.  We know for certain now that Native Americans were living in the United States several thousand years earlier than 10,000 years ago, and the remains of Native Americans 10,000 years ago (Dalton Transition and Early Archaic period) show up in large numbers all over the eastern United States.  We know that the hardest food to come by during much of American prehistory was animal protein, especially during the Middle Archaic Period and the much later Mississippian period. With all that hunger for protein going on and dinosaurs coming in all sizes from chicken size to lumbering giant, you would think a least one dinosaur bone would show up in the thousands of archaeological sites that have already been investigated all over the United States.  Nada!!!  I am a professional archaeologist, and to the best of my knowledge, not even one dinosaur bone has ever been found in any large or small zooarchaeological sample from any archaeological site in the United States—and big bones from American archaeological sites last through time without ever fossilizing.  They remain just plain old bone.

No matter how much evidence you run under their noses, Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals grasp for desperate and ridiculous straws to maintain their belief in an inerrant Bible that has no internal inconsistencies and must be read literally.  They would say: “Dinosaur meat did not taste good?  Yeah!!  Yeah!!!  That’s the ticket.”  Sorry. Dinosaurs were reptiles and the ancestors of birds.  If you have ever eaten alligator, you know reptile tastes like chicken—good and tasty food. They would say: “Maybe dinosaurs only lived for a short span of time and the Native Americans had enough other animals to eat during that span.”  Sorry.  Even when Native Americans were not starved to death, they would eat some of ALL the large animal protein sources available in the natural environment, and they ate lots of meat that did not taste good like freshwater mussels (Yech!!!) by the millions in the Middle and Late Archaic periods. Freshwater mussels taste like incredibly musty old shoe leather.

Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are unable to face simple facts. Human beings and dinosaurs never lived together in the United States. Dinosaurs predated Native Americans by about 65,000,000 years.  That is why their bones do not show up in American archaeological sites.  It is time for the video clips below once again to sum all this up. Please click on these safe links and give them a brief watch:

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