Did Any Prophet Foresee the Day?

Did anyone foresee the day when it would become necessary to begin a letter to the governor of a state by describing one’s sex and gender condition?  When writing to a Republican governor these days or a state legislator, it seems like a necessity to do this just to be taken seriously. Maybe it is sort of like the secret password to get into the He-Man Woman Haters Club in The Little Rascals film shorts. Only today, it is more a secret explanation than a secret password:

Hi Governor Haslam.  Pssst!!!  A penis was attached to my middle when I popped out of my mom.  After more than 60 years, I am heterosexual and still have my penis (just barely—if you can still call it that), and today my gender identity is male.  Now that you know I am what Eddie Murphy’s “Buttwheat” referred to as HO-TAY, and therefore can be trusted, I would like to present my feelings and thoughts on a couple of key issues facing the government of our state.

This is crazy. No one should have to do this.  If I had said anything even remotely like this to my grandmother, grandfather, father, mother, aunts, or uncles 20 years ago, they would have slapped me silly and given me a lecture on proper etiquette and “Things You Just Don’t Do.”  Lo and behold!!!  We now live in a time when this must be said to be taken seriously by the extremist Republicans who govern Tennessee.  No wonder the Republican Party is coming apart at the seams in 2016!!! With any luck, maybe the driving Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism that pull the marionette strings on these politicians will fold along with them.

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