Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ?

Is Donald Trump the Anti-Christ? Apparently, the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals have not picked up on this so far.  Hold onto your hats for one wild journey into Biblical numerology!!!

Look at the name “Donald Trump” below.  Each letter in the spelling of his name is followed by a number that equals the numerical position of that letter in the English alphabet.

D = 4

o = 15

n = 14

a = 1

l = 12

d = 4


T = 20

r = 18

u = 21

m = 13

p = 16

The total of all these numbers is 138.  Now, it is a well-known fact that the number 7 is the official number for God in The Holy Bible.  If you multiply 138 by 7, you get the number 966.  We know from scripture that the Anti-Christ will break all the rules and turn human society and culture upside down when he comes. Donald Trump has already broken all the rules and turned the Republican Party and the 2016 election year upside down. Therefore, if the number 9 in our product 966 is turned upside down, then Donald Trump’s number becomes 666.  The number 666 is the number of the Anti-Christ (Revelation 13:15-18).

Now, the really sad thing—I mean the really, really, really sad thing is that some untold number of Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals will read my description above and the associated math; confess amazement at what they see; conclude that this must surely be the truth; and start spreading the news on the worldwide web. In my own personal experience over the past 25 years, one key thing sticks out to me like the proverbial sore thumb. Many fundies are incredibly gullible. Run some piece of crap that looks halfway plausible by them, mention that some famous fundie preacher has said a few positive things about it, and they are suddenly “all-in” on the matter.  Then it comes:

Joe?  Did you hear what that Christian man did with them numbers. He added up the numbers in Donald Trump’s name, multiplied them by God’s very own number 7, and got 966.  Flip that “niner” upside down and you got the number of the Anti-Christ!!!  I’m real worried Joe.  Trump might really be the Beast.  What do you think we oughta do?  Git our families a packin’ to go hide?

Do I really think Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ?  No, of course not.  I was just messing around with some numbers for fun—and they just quite luckily ended with 966—flip that 9—and you get 666. But somewhere in America:

Maw.  Hits  a true revelation.  Hits true!!!  Hits gotta be one!!!  Hits got God in it with his very own number.  And besides, do you know how many numbers there izz.  Theyzuns go as high as any man kin count. Even higher than them “pooters” kin count.  Maw, jist think about it.  Outa all them numbers, what are the odds that Trump’s name would flush out exactly to 966 to where all you gotta do izz flip that “niner.” and heezuns is the Annie-Christ.  Them odds izz higher than I kin count!!!  Hits gotta be true!!!  Hits jist gotta be!!!!

Only in America folks—and only in the ranks of Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism.  Lord help us all.  May this election year pass from our midst soon—and pray for the people who are so easily sucked in by numerical nonsense like this.

Addendum (October 6, 2017): The election that carried Donald Trump to the White House was nearly one year ago.  In my honest opinion, a great many of the thoughts, words, and deeds of this President have been reprehensible beyond belief.  They are certainly not Christian. His ability to tell lies to the American people with no conscience rivals that of Satan himself—so very many lies. I am beginning to wonder if the casual Biblical numerology exercise above was something more than just a chance occurrence.  Maybe there was something to it after all.  Maybe it was a Revelation.

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