Three Prophetic Visions from Jesus

This is serious—the most serious post I have ever written. Please listen closely.  I would like to tell you in great detail about three related prophetic visions that were given to me by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in 2006, 2010, and 2012. The first two prophetic visions came true in real life.  The third one is coming true in real life even now this year. If I had to write this out in full, it would take too long and take up much time that I need to be using for other things.  With the exception of just a few people, I have held back on sharing anything about these three prophetic visions. However, given current events for the last 48 hours, this seemed like the right time to share these very private visions.  Jesus did not tell me to stay quiet about these visions or to broadcast these prophetic visions to others, apparently leaving that decision to me.  All three visions came in election years, and they came at times when my heart and soul were aching desperately with personal concern and pain for those many among us who Jesus called “the least of these.”  Apparently, Jesus heard my concerns and prayers—and sent these three related visions in different years. The following text, written in  brief synoptic form, is the content of the three prophetic visions that I received:

In 2006 and 2010, two large bundles of sticks were taken in hand by Jesus and kindling-cracked by him across his raised knee. Rather than splitting in half like kindling normally does when one makes it this way, the whole bundle of sticks shattered into millions of splinters in midair, and they fell to the ground. In 2012, referring toward the future in 2016, Jesus again took a bundle of sticks and cracked it across his knee. Once again, the bundle shattered into millions of splinters in midair, and they fell to the ground—only it was different this time than the two times before. Each of the splinters that fell to the ground caught fire individually and spontaneously when it hit the ground, and each splinter was totally consumed by the flames until it no longer existed. Jesus said by this third vision: “This last time I will consume them utterly and completely. Just you wait and see.”

In each of the three foregoing prophetic visions, I was told that the large bundle of sticks represented the Republican Party in the United States of America and all the evil that the party and its ideology have done, and are continuing to do, especially to “the least of these.”  In the third vision, the splinters that were completely consumed by fire when they hit the ground were symbolic of God’s plan to begin the process of destroying the Republican Party in 2016.

Earlier in 2010, I had been puzzled by what looked like massive Tea Party Republican victories in the Congressional elections of 2010.  I asked Jesus in prayer what this was about because it seemed to go against the second prophetic vision, and this is the answer I received: “Fear not.  Sometimes what seems like a victory on the surface is really a sound defeat.  In this 2010 election, I have planted within the Republican Party the seeds of its own destruction.”  Jesus was referring to the radical Tea Party extremists, such as Ted Cruz, who have since torn the Republican Party in half, and Jesus was also pointing forward to the miracle victory of President Obama, against all seeming odds, in 2012.

Folks. I am truly serious about this. These visions really did happen. I did have these three visions from Jesus. You can choose to disbelieve it if you like. It matters not to me because neither my opinion nor yours counts in what is being done. Jesus is cleaning house all on his own, and he was just kind enough to let me see what He was going to do and when. Now, you know too. Please do not fear or despair across the remainder of this 2016 election year.  Jesus has this well in hand and is being very deliberate about it. Fear not!!!  All we can really do is watch the events from the sidelines, do good whenever we can, pray if you feel the need, watch events as they transpire each day, and marvel at what is being revealed as the last of the three visions that were given to me unfolds before your eyes in the election of 2016 and the few years following it. God bless you and have a nice day.

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