American Theocracy: Lest Anyone Might Forget

by Charles S. Garabedian

My friend Adrienne over at the Life of a Female Bible Warrior blog has an interesting post on the subject of Christian Dominionist plans to take over the government of the United States and turn it into a Christian fundamentalist/conservative evangelical dictatorship. Yes, to the ordinary person munching a BLT and sipping from a glass of milk, I know this sounds like some sort of silly, far-fetched conspiracy theory.  The sad truth is: This is no conspiracy theory.  This is as real as the Cheerios in your breakfast bowl.

Loony conspiracy theories are the imaginings of paranoid people who believe hidden, dark, mysterious forces are developing and implementing secret plans to take over the world, produce some catastrophe, or cover up some false event (e.g., men never landed on the moon). There is nothing hidden, secret, or mysterious about the evil, undemocratic, unAmerican plans the Christian Dominionists are pursuing.  All you have to do is read the published writings of their greatest leaders where they plainly state their philosophy, objectives, and ultimate goals.

Interestingly, Dominionist leaders tend to be virulent Calvinists from the Presbyterian and Reformed Church traditions. The published writings of these Dominionists began in the late 1950s with Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony, and he eventually published his multi-volume set of Christian Reconstructionist/Dominionist books entitled The Institutes of Biblical Law in 1973. After Rushdoony died, numerous other radical Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical Dominionists took up various shades of his evil cause in their own bizarre publications and speeches.  They have been laboring long and hard to make their crazy plans a reality in everyday American life, and they have deceived a great many fundie pastors, parachurch leaders, pew sitters, and American politicians.  As one fundie pastor has been quoted as saying (my best paraphrasing):

We might not be Christian Dominionists ourselves, but many of us pastors keep their books hidden under our beds and sneak a read late at night.

The Christian Dominionists have implanted their tendrils of influence deeply into the political activities of the so-called Religious Right and the Christian Homeschooling Movement in the United States.

Rushdoony is often cited as the founding father of the Christian Homeschooling Movement in the United States. Some homeschool learning materials are specifically designed to indoctrinate homeschooled children (K-12) with Christian Dominionist ideology.  This is being done (on the sly without the knowledge of their parents) so the children will easily accept Christian Dominionism and become part of the heretical Dominionist movement when they become adults. Once again, just for emphasis, Christian homeschooling parents are completely unaware that their children are being subliminally indoctrinated with this heresy.

The top dog leaders of the Dominionist movement hope future Dominionists will be the new leaders of our American government after their stealthy, nonviolent takeover has been completed. In my opinion, shortly afterwards, the Dominionist leaders (whoever they might be at some future time) will start closing down the Mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, which they despise and see as the enemies of God.

I believe Auschwitz-like death camps will be established all over the United States to process their human enemies (special types of sinners like LGBTQ people and adulterers; nonbelievers who refuse to convert, and many others). If you are Episcopalian, United Methodist, moderate Southern Baptist, Presbyterian Church USA, Evangelical Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, etc., and you refuse to convert and cooperate, your destination will be the torture chambers and gas chambers because you are considered to be an enemy of God. African-American people will be re-enslaved, as called for in the writings of Rushdoony. Many commercial products you use will be banned. They will ban and censor books in your public libraries and bookstores  Indeed, all media products will be subject to heavy-handed religious scrutiny and censorship. In other words, all of the bad things we historically associate with despotic governments will be implemented under Dominionist rule

Christian Dominionists are Postmillennialist in outlook rather than Premillennialist in outlook, which is rare for Christian fundamentalists as a whole. When the so-called 1000 years of tribulation are finished, Jesus will be ready to make his return to Earth. However, before he can do so, he must look down from Heaven and see that the Earth has been cleansed of human sin. If it has, Jesus will view it with great pleasure; see that the Earth is safe for his post-millennial return; and feel assured that He will not get his white robes dirtied with sin upon arrival. This red carpet for Jesus will exist because the Christian Dominionists and their Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical allies will have killed off or otherwise eliminated all of what they regard as significant sinners and their sins all over the United States and the Earth.

As John Dominic Crosson, a former Roman Catholic priest, has said in a famous video clip available on You Tube:

There’s a genocidal germ in fundamentalism [saying] that “I alone have the truth,” and if I am in a room with 50 people and I alone have the truth, if they were all dead, I alone would have the truth in that room.  So, if we kill all the people who disagree with us, we alone will have the truth. So, there is a sort of a temptation, a seduction within fundamentalism. Now, I am not saying, by the way, who is a fundamentalist.  I am defining it [as] whoever thinks like this is a fundamentalist. Even if you say, “I would never do that.  I would, I would, never kill someone.”  No. But by talking about them as evil, as anti-Christian, as anti-God, you are preparing the ground for somebody, if that somebody ever gets power, to do something about it. For example, in the 20s when Hitler wrote “Mein Kampf,” he talked always about Jews and Judaism as an infection, as germs, as viruses. It was always the language of pathology. Now, he wasn’t saying, “Go out and kill them.”  But wait a minute.  What do we do with germs?  What do we do with viruses?  We try to get rid of them.  So, somebody who is getting used to that language will eventually draw the conclusion, if they get power, “Well, shouldn’t we get rid of them?”

The average Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical today claims he or she would never participate in such activities nor look the other way in dumb silence if such activities were actually occurring.  They may deny it now, but I honestly think they will participate one day—and do so gladly—for several key reasons:

(1) Dominionist theology is almost wholly in line with the unique Biblical belief system American Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals already possess right now, so it will seem like down home week to them when the Dominionists overthrow our American government.

(2) Consider this famous quote from a famous Christian fundamentalist pastor, Dr. Jerry Falwell, talking about his own Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical brethren:

Good Christians, like slaves and soldiers, ask no questions.

Correct. They just blindly do whatever their religious leaders tell them it is right to do—no matter how outrageous or evil those actions might be. Whatever preacher wants—preacher gets—because if preacher says it, then it must be the Divine will of the Lord.

(3) Just like the citizens of so many other dictatorial regimes in world history, Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals will one day do anything within their power to cooperate with a Christian Dominionist government so they can keep themselves and their family members safe from being identified as enemies of the Dominionist state. No fundie will want to be fodder for the cremation ovens.

(4) Many Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals, as a matter of daily belief and practice, long ago ditched the numerous New Testament scriptural statements about love, mercy, and compassion for their neighbors. Today fundies tend to view love, mercy, and compassion in any human being as a sign of spiritual weakness and wanton permissiveness. Instead, the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical faith is all about the Old Testament law, sin against it, God’s plans for righteous vengeance against men and women for their sins, and a quick fire insurance policy for a few people to escape the vengeance. Today, maybe God is being a little slow with the vengeance aspect of his program—and maybe He needs a little bit of Dominionist help, through the average fundie, to take judgement and vengeance to the next level right here on Earth.

When the time comes, I am absolutely convinced that Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals will blindly follow their new Dominionist leaders just like the lemmings who follow each other in long lines to jump into the ocean and die. In their many churches, beginning in early childhood, Christian fundamentalists brainwash their members into being nondissenting, unquestioning followers of their preachers and higher religious leaders. In Christian fundamentalist circles, the word rebellion is a dirty word. They have been taught that any form of rebellion is inherently wrong because Satan was the first rebel in the universe. This eschewing of anything that looks like rebellion and free thinking encourages a sheep-like frame of mind wherein the average fundie is far more likely to be a follower rather than a leader.

Few people know this, but U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and numerous other prominent Americans have fallen under Dominionist sway to various degrees. Cruz even now is trying to secure the Republican nomination to run for President of the United States. Take a look at the links below for a few articles about Christian Dominionism by my good Christian friend Adrienne and respected journalist Chris Hedges. Under the photograph on Adrienne’s blog post, she has links to several other important articles about Christian Dominionism, including two specifically about Senator Cruz.  Adrienne lives in Texas—hence her interest in Senator Cruz.  Here are the safe links to click:

Life of a Female Bible Warrior

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