Fundies Say: “My Religious Freedom Is Going to Eat Yours.”

by Charles S. Garabedian

Just this evening, I ran into a really interesting Salon essay by Paul Rosenberg on the current strategy Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and the Religious Right are pursuing to destroy American religious freedom as set forth in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We are talking about your religious freedom and my religious freedom.

Prior to reading this article, I had thought the complaints about religious freedom by Kim Davis, Hobby Lobby, and some others like them were just random, coincidental occurrences here, there, and yonder. However, according to the author of this new article, they are neither random occurrences nor mere coincidences. Instead, they are part of a conscious, deliberate, newly developed, highly coordinated, and already-being-implemented nationwide strategy Christian fundamentalists, conservative evangelicals, and the denizens of the Religious Right have dreamed up to eat your religious freedom in the name of saving their unique view of religious freedom.

You might think of this new fundie strategy as the religious freedom analog to the now famous Wedge Strategy University of California (Berkeley) law professor Phillip Johnson and The Discovery Institute dreamed up in 1998 to replace the teaching of biological evolution in our public schools with the false pseudoscience called Intelligent Design. This is really scary stuff dear readers. You may read this new article by clicking on the following link:

Salon Article on Religious Freedom

The only way we are going to be able to keep our own religious freedom in the United States is by being aware of deceitful strategies like this one; by being eternally vigilant at identifying, exposing, and countering the fundie evil and deceit that masquerades as salt and light in this world; and by getting the word out to the American people. Always remember that deceit is one of the primary tools used by the Force of Evil in our world, just as the Holy Bible says.

This new fundie strategy is built on a foundation of deceit whereby it claims a goal of maintaining American First Amendment religious freedom when its real goal is to undermine and destroy the traditional First Amendment religious freedoms Americans have enjoyed for the past 237 years. Right now, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the single biggest roadblock standing in the way of those who want to establish an American religious dictatorship presided over by Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical tyrants.

In my honest opinion, because these people are desperate to undermine and destroy the First Amendment, it is up to us (you and me) to speak out and oppose them peacefully and nonviolently in the same manner that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did against the traditional fundie “values” of racism and segregation in the 1950s and 1960s.

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