Grace Covenant Church

Now that our detailed negative position on Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism has been made abundantly clear beyond a shadow of any doubt, we want to do something positive here at the Flee from Christian Fundamentalism blog.  We would like to introduce you to a church that is a very good example of the kind of church people who flee from Christian fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism can flee to for some dressing of wounds, soul rest, an experience of true love, nondiscrimination, and worship of Jesus in spirit and in truth. If you have never been caught in the fundie snare and want to avoid it in your search for a first church or a new church, this is the kind of church you need to be searching for right now.  If there is no church like this in your area, you could use this church as a model for setting up your own new church.  I feel fairly certain that Pastor Dipboye and his wife Pastor Dipboye could offer you some tips on how to do it, how to clone it, and how to make it work in your geographic area.  Although there is no such thing as a perfect Christian church in this world, Grace Covenant Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, is on the road and heading straight in the direction toward being one. Here is the link to their website:

Take a tour around their website and get a feel for a real Christian love church.  This is the kind of church that should be cloned on every street corner in the United States.

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