This Should Ring Your Danger Bells

by Charles S. Garabedian

This should ring your danger bells. Here is another example of right wing, extremist, nutjob Republican activists trying to bed down pastors and churches like cheap whores to get votes. Do you remember what I said about Christian Reconstructionism, Dominionism, Theonomy, and the 7 Mountains Movement. These people want to take over American government at all levels (federal, state, and local) and use its legal, police, and military powers to install a theocratic dictatorship in the United States. Why?  They desperately want to do this so they can use such authority to run every tiny aspect of your life according to their unique and peculiar understanding of the Bible and Old Testament law.  This is going on right now—today—in communities just like yours all over the United States.

How do you stop them?  You tell your mainline Christian friends and your nonChristian friends what is really going on with these people and what their real plans are.  You look closely at the candidates in your local elections to identify Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical pastors who are running for office and extremist Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical church members who are running for office.

In addition, try to identify the stealth candidates in the field of candidates running for election to a particular office. A favorite fundie strategy is to run a candidate who believes one set of things but behaves as if they believe another set of things—or a candidate who lays low and says little.  These are all forms of lying and deceit unworthy of any person who claims to be a Christian.  You should avoid voting for these people, and contribute campaign money to their opponents. Campaign for their opponents, and vote for their opponents.

As a very dear but long-deceased fundie Christian uncle of mine was fond of saying:

I wouldn’t give them a blade of grass if they were a goat grazing on a concrete pasture.

Give these would-be-totalitarian pastors and their fundie minions no quarter whatsoever, and give them not a single blade of grass to eat—ever again. Protecting American government and culture from these people is up to you Mainline Christian church members outside of the fundie/evangelical ranks and the ordinary American people who do not have a faith or church.

To you many American nonbelievers, I would say only this. You would be hit the hardest if these Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical politicians ever take over our American government in large numbers.  Why?  It is because you are nonbelievers, and nonbelievers have intentionally rejected the peculiar fundie view of Jesus and the Christian faith. If enough of these fundies ever get real political power, they will treat you nonbelievers and your families as the enemies of God they perceive you to be—and you will receive very unkind, unloving, and cruelly harsh treatment at their hands.

Please give the interesting article below a read at the following safe link:

Pastors Eye a Move from God’s House to the Statehouse


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