Pandering to the Hard Core Fundies

The Religious Rot is at it again—unbelievable—just plain unbelievable.  This time they are attempting to distort truth and reality so they can pander to the well-known ignorance and gullibility of the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical peach pit that unquestioningly supports the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.  Yes, an election year is coming up.  I could write a book here but will spare you except to say that it is incredible to me that any person who claims to be a Christian could eat up nonsense like this with all the plain evidence to the contrary that has been collected over the last few days.  However, the Republican political machine apparently thinks they have a big audience for this nonsense.  Here is the article that just blew my mind:

The troubling thing we all need to ask here is:  “Why do so many Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals run to and embrace untruth so eagerly?”

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