A Few of Our Current Views on Gay Rights

With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage coming up soon, you Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are no doubt dying to know what position our all-heterosexual blog has on homosexuality.  The short answer is that we do not have a comprehensive, written position on the subject.  However, we will render a few random thoughts on the matter:

1)   Is homosexuality a sin in the Bible?  Well, if you read the Bible like a Superman comic book, as the average fundie literalist does, it appears to be so.  However, an all-literalistic reading of the scriptures—with no accounting for the ancient history, ancient cultural milieu, and 2,000 years of language variations and cross-translations—is basically one of the stupidest things a person can do with the Bible. Those Christian theologians and scholars who have deep knowledge of such things have some interesting arguments for and against it being a sin.  Our position here at the blog is that we do not know for certain and have not decided on the matter.  However, we do believe LGBTQ people should be treated with the same dignity, respect, and love that Christians would accord to any other human being on this planet.

2)   We do believe that when all of the science is finally said and done, true and solid guy-guy and gal-gal homosexuality will be proven to be biological rather than decisional—meaning it was the way the person was made physically, and they are no more able to change it than you are able to change your own blood type or DNA coding.  Therefore, for these people, we are opposed to so-called reparative therapy to change a person’s sexual orientation.  We join the American clinical psychology community in its officially issued opinion that such therapy is worthless and dangerous to gay people.

3)  We remain convinced that any person on the American street who thinks homosexuality is a simple and easy choice, like whether to choose chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, is a bisexual person—and may not be aware of that fact. The thing you need to understand and understand clearly is that true heterosexuals and true homosexuals never experience that sense of choice that you do.  It is always tempting to feel that everything you are feeling, experiencing, and sensing inside yourself is exactly what every other human being on the planet is feeling, experiencing, and sensing inside their self.  I hate to break the news to you, but this is just plain false.  If you ever feel, experience, or sense inside of yourself that you have a sexual choice between man and woman or man and man (same for you women)—and both seem about equally exciting sexually—then you are almost certainly a bisexual person. Once again, pure straight people and pure homosexual people never experience that sense of choice that you are experiencing.  I apologize for having to break the bad news to you.  You are sexually a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sort of person who just happens to be at least 50 percent gay, even though you may hate the 100 percent gay people.  To the extent that you despise the 100 percent gay people, you must also hate at least 50 percent of yourself in the same way and for the same reasons—by your own fundie logic.

4)   If you are bisexual and bisexuality is a simple choice for you, then we recommend that you choose to go heterosexual simply because it will reduce the angst in your life to an extraordinary degree.  If you choose otherwise, then we understand here at the blog, and we choose not to hate you, shun you, or harass you for making that choice.  We choose to love you.

5)   We believe firmly—right hand placed on a stack of Bibles—that the Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical communities in the United States have consistently treated the LGBTQ community in evil, mean-spirited, and hateful ways.  Your persistent harassment of these people and the harassment your children have modeled from watching you and listening to you talk (including the talk at church) have resulted in bullying of LGBTQ people.  This bullying has driven numerous young people to a sense of hopelessness and eventual suicide.  Your behavior towards the LGBTQ community has been reprehensible, sinful, and as far from the mind and heart of Jesus Christ as the west is from the east.  Your hands—each and every one of you—are dripping with the blood of weeping and distraught children—and you can rest assured that God saw who you are, and He saw what you did.  God is not mocked, and you will be required to explain your part in this torture and murder of children one day, and it may very well be that you would be better off if you had never been born.

6)   Completely apart from the Bible, we believe that LGBTQ people who were born in the United States are American citizens just like you and me.  Therefore, they should have civil rights and privileges thoroughly equal to those of any other American citizen(s).  This blog stands with our LGBTQ citizens in their quest for full civil rights in American society and culture.  It is the right thing to do politically, and it is wrong to deny these people their legitimate constitutional rights in the name of religion or any other cause.  All free American citizens should share equally in the same civil rights.

7)   Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals need to learn some lessons from the teachings of Jesus Christ and love their LGBTQ neighbors as much as they love themselves—and from what I have seen over the past 20 years—the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals are totally in love with and enamored with themselves—like narcissus admiring himself in the reflecting pool.  With so much love for themselves, surely they could project some of that out to LGBTQ people if they really wanted to do so—but they do not.

8)   We know.  We know.  You think the Old Testament law says that homosexuals are an abomination before the Lord and that God commanded you to kill them.  So, why should you be nice and loving to people you are supposed to kill?  There are several reasons.  For one thing, the Old Testament law (all of it, including the moral law and the 10 commandments) is part of an obsolete covenant that God cancelled for Christians when Jesus fulfilled the law with his death on the cross and his resurrection.  Other than being useful for occasional reference, as indicated by Timothy in his famous passage, the Old Testament law is gone.  For another thing, the Old Testament covenant (and the law that was a part of it) was a covenant between God and the people of Israel.  From the very beginning, we gentiles were never a part of that covenant and that yoke of legal responsibility.  We were sinful outliers that were later grafted into the tree of life by Jesus Christ, and it was a very Johnny-come-lately thing in the overall course of Biblical history and events.

Jesus Christ makes it clear in the New Testament that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  LGBTQ people are our neighbors.  The New Testament also recommends that we engage in one of God’s favorite and most approved activities—extending kindness, love, and mercy to people. Jesus makes it clear that we are to extend mercy.  He says nothing about extending mercy only when it is “deserved.”  We are to extend mercy with grace, as He has done to us, and without regard to what one may deserve.  Jesus also assures us that the same mercy we extend to others will one day be extended to us, but we are also warned that our failure to extend that mercy will someday result in no mercy being extended to us.  Jesus is quite clear on this matter.  The Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical communities have demonstrated time and time again that the mercy card exists nowhere in their repertoire of acceptable church actions and responsibilities. However, hatred of LGBTQ people and a lack of mercy are not only tolerated in their churches, but they are tacitly and implicitly encouraged with the wink of an eye.  The pastor may occasionally say it is wrong to harass and bully LGBTQ people, but he knows it is going to fall on deaf ears because his heart and the hearts of his congregation prefer militancy, cruelty, and social abuse as the best way to settle problems inside the church and outside of it.

9)   How do we feel about gay marriage and the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June 2015? Well, our feelings are mixed.

The Bible does indeed appear to model male and female marriages when it is read literally and surficially. However, you have to remember that religion and government were one and the same in Biblical times and that their approach to marriage was very different from ours.  In ancient Israel, brides were viewed more as property rather than someone you love, as they are today.  Marriage was about securing male property rights and a way to ensure males exclusive sexual access to their female property.  Money and materialism played a part in it as well.  There were also several passages of scripture where married males are allowed to keep multiple wives and concubines—breaking the one male + one female marriage rule so touted by the fundies and their conservative evangelical lookalikes today.

How do we think this U.S. Supreme Court court ruling on gay marriage will play out?  We feel almost certain the high court is going to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states. It may go even further with added language in the decision brief that is designed to shut down the ability of the 50 states to pass discriminatory state laws and promulgate new state regulations designed to block constitutional rights to gay marriage.  Of course, any such laws are by their very nature a farce because they all violate the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution. Anyone who knows how the American legal system works, and I know it well, will tell you that state laws such as these have a zero chance in federal court.  Every last one of them will be overturned.  We fought the American Civil War to put to bed the notion that states have the authority to nullify federal laws.  They do not.  As President Andrew Jackson  (savior of the nation at the Battle of New Orleans) said, “Our federal union!!!  It must be preserved!!!”  If that involves kicking some fundie butt with M1A2 tanks, 50-caliber machine guns, and smart bombs in a second American Civil War—then so be it.  Certainly, no one wants such a war, but if the fundies start one, I can guarantee you another 21st century Abraham Lincoln will finish it for them just like Honest Abe did in 1865.  This country does not tolerate unconstitutional  and humanly cruel treatment of people for too long.  Never has.  Never will.

10)   We here at the blog are hoping the people in the LGBTQ community will win their civil rights in June 2015, but not for any particular ideological or theological reason. Rather, the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals have been so mean-spirited, nasty, and obnoxious over the past few years with regard to the issue of gay rights and gay marriage that it would be a pleasure to see the anti-gay activists lose just to show the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals that they have never owned the United States of America as their personal religious property and that they never will own it as their personal religious property.  The best way to achieve that is to marginalize them at every turn in the road by dashing their hopes and putting them, once again, into a position where they can do no harm to their fellow man.  The coming U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage will take us all several thousand miles down that road.  The dream of a Christian dominionist theocracy in our country will be dead in a single blow to the head of the serpent in June 2015.

We believe the best thing Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals can do is what their best pastors advised that they should do right after the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee.  Withdraw completely and totally from the American society and culture they hate so much; retire to some home deep back in the woods; limit their contact with the outside world of sinners (every other human being on Earth but themselves); and wait quietly on a hillside for Jesus to come back and rapture them out of here.  As the Anglican Communion is reported to have thought to itself on the day the Mayflower set sail for the New World, “Good-bye and good riddance.”

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